Folk Dances

Think colourful costumes. Outrageous headgears. Boisterous moves. And, of course, foot-tapping beats. And you get Bhangra. One of India’s most popular and entertaining folk dances, this form is from Punjab, but has found widespread popularity all over the world – most notably in the UK, where its craze has even resulted in the birth of an eponymous music genre.

Some of the dance instructors at Swastik are, in fact, from Punjab and they pride themselves on having learnt this style from the best in the industry. They teach Bhangra to all levels of students – from beginners and intermediates to advanced dancers. The dance is as popular among men as it is among women in India.

In addition to Bhangra, we also teach Gharbha, in the lead-up to Navratras every year.