Bollywood Dance

Bollywood is one of the most colourful contemporary dance forms, performed to Bollywood movie tracks. It’s a blend of classical and folk Indian dance forms, but it is also influenced by contemporary Western dance styles such as hip-hop, jazz, salsa and R&B.

Bollywood dance is a familiar sight on TV all around the world and in blockbusters such as Slumdog Millionaire. But there’s more to this dance form than just patting the dog with one hand and twisting the bulb with the other.

With big boisterous moves, it’s not only a highly entertaining performance art, but a versatile full-body cardiovascular workout, too.

At Swastik Institute of Dance, we offer Bollywood classes for everyone – from beginners and intermediate students to advanced dancers. A typical class usually starts with full-body warm-up, followed by a lesson in basic footwork and hand movements.

Special choreographies are created for each class based on the students’ familiarity with the style. While the students’ comfort level is taken into consideration, we also like to push them a bit – which is one of the best ways for a dancer to grow.