Theatre Productions

Every year, Swastik Institute of Dance produces one major theatre show in a professional space such as Riverside Theatre in Sydney's Parramatta.

All aspects of the show are produced by Swastik students. Advanced students create choreographies, script is develop in-house and auditions are held to cast the institute's most talented subjects in acting, dancing and production roles, such as stage manager.

Students not only get experience in performing live dances, but gain skills such as acting, audio/video editing, makeup, set-design and costume-design.

In 2016, Swastik produced A Magical Journey with Krishna, in which more than 80 students from all age groups performed to a packed Riverside Theatre.

While in 2017, Swastik invited one of India's most revered Kathak performers, PanditRajendraGanganiJi and his team of live mucisians, to perform --- once again to a packed auditorium at Riverside Theatre. In the lead-up to the performance, PanditGanganiJi held an intensive week-long workshop with Swastik's intermediate and advanced Kathak students, who also got an opportunity to perform at the show.

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