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Swastik Institute of Music and Dance was founded in 1999, by Shri Kasturi Lal Nagpal, father of the present director Sumati. SIMD promoted many students of Vocal Music, instrumental Music and dance in a span of eleven years in Northern India. Initially, classes were conducted in India by Sumati as dance instructor with other teachers till June 2007. The institute is well known in India, especially North India for its excellence in classical Music and Dance. After her marriage, Sumati came to Australia with her husband Dinesh and started conducting classes in Australia from November 2007. Swastik students have performed at various places.

  • 1. Live Performance with Jazzy B 2014
  • 2. Live performance with Bombay Vikings 2014
  • 3. Live with Mika Singh at the Hills Centre, Castle Hill 2013
  • 4. Live Performance with Udit Narayan 2013
  • 5. Live Performance with Udit Narayan 2013
  • 6. Live with Sukhwinder Singh at the Hills Centre, Castle Hill 2012
  • 7. Australian Dance Festival 2012 ,2013,2014
  • 8. Liver with Shankar Ehsaan Loy at the Sports Centre, Sydney Olympic Park     2012
  • 9. Parramasala 2013 ,2014
  • 10. Parliament House 2014
  • 11. Krishna Leela, Marana Auditorium, Hurstville 2011

Swastik Students perform in various cultural & charity events like Diwali Mela ,Holi Mela ,Australian Indian cultural Fair ,Indian independence day etc throughout the year which give great exposure to Swastik students ..

Guru Sisya Parampara traditions in our friendly and homely environment. So our students can continue to hand down this valuable knowledge, we at Swastik make it essential that every student gets an in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge for everything they're introduced to. It is Swastik's aim to produce quality Music and dance masters and to achieve this, we invite examiners from India to specially assess our students and making it possible to align with the quality and standards set by Our Gurus.

Being a fine arts temple, Swastik also emphasises the importance in balancing your body, mind and soul through Yoga and special meditation sessions. With an understanding of your body, its movements and the chakras you can start experiencing a healthy lifestyle, feel strong and look youthful every time.

You may be interested in a dance routine, be it to learn the choreography to impress a group of your friends, or to simply show your talent and expose your new moves at your next social gathering. We guarantee we make every routine unique, different and mostly enjoyable