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Kathak Dance Classes in Sydney


Kathak is one of the eight classical Indian dance forms, believed to have originated in fourth century BCE. It combines the mathematical precision of footwork and fluidity of hand and body movements with vivid expressions. Kathak is an ancient dance art form and at Swastik Institute of Dance we respect all values associated with it. For instance, guru-shishya parampara(teacher-student etiquette) is followed at the school and ghungroos (dancing bells worn) are given utmost respect. Following the tradition does not only help the students learn the art in its original avatar but also keeps them in touch with ancient Indian traditions and culture. At Swastik, kathak is taught to all levels of students – from beginners and intermediates to advanced dancers. If you have never learnt kathak, our experienced teachers can hold your hand and initiate you into it. And if you have learnt kathak before, we can help you reach newer heights in this discipline. A typical class starts with practice of footwork and hasthak (hand movements), then goes into todas (pieces of kathak choreography). Theory lessons are given as much attention at Swastik. A few minutes are reserved in each class for students to write down notes relating to the todas they’ve learnt, so that they don’t forget it and can continue to learn new things in the followed classes.

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