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Garba Dance Classes in Sydney


Garba is a dance synonymous with Navratras - one of the most significant festivals on the Hindu calendar. Every year, at the onset of winter, over nine nights, streets in India light up with giant floats worshipping goddess Durga. In the evening, around and in front of these floats, you can find a circle of twirling dancers practising Garba. The dance form originated in the Indian state of Gujarat and is one of the few styles very closely associated to Hindu festivities.

Garba is also one of the easiest folk dances to learn, but it's just as good a cardio exercise as any other. It's taught to and performed as a groups. All necessary training, such as footwork and twirling - can be learnt at Swastik, which welcomes all levels of students - from beginners and intermediates to advanced learners.

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