Assistant Teacher Training Program

Become part of the Swastik Dance Team. Join our Assistant Teacher Training Program.

This program will allow students internal and external to Swastik Dance learn in controlled environment the fundamentals of dance teaching, class and studio management.

This Program is for students 14 years or older who enjoy working with young people, the Swastik Institute of dance Assistant Team provides a wonderful opportunity to assist teachers in our younger students classes. Teaching Assistants are a very important component to running successful classes at SWASTIK , as it improves the teacher-student ratio and it helps make the classes run more smoothly. Assisting is a great learning experience, and a whole lot of fun! This is an extremely valuable experience for those students who may be interested in pursuing a career in teaching and/or wishing to broaden their own dance education.

Students interested in applying for a volunteer teaching assistant position must submit a letter of application to the Director. Students’ acceptance into the program is based on a review of their application letter, general enthusiasm and attitude demonstrated in all dance classes, and overall dance ability and technique. They must have the maturity and disposition to work with children in a dance class, and they must have reached an acceptable level of proficiency in their own dance training.

Eligibility for SWASTIK Assistant Team

  • Minimum age 14 years old
  • At least 2 years of class participation at Swsatik Institute of Dance
  • Commitment to volunteering for the Term.
  • Acknowledges responsibility to be a role model and positive example both inside and outside the school
  • Agrees to follow dance uniform policies at all classes
  • Has parent or guardian approval in order to participate
  • Must maintain academic grades at a level required by parent/guardian

As part of the Program, Teaching Assistants are responsible for keeping track of their volunteer hours and communication sheets in the Assistant Log Book.

We also have Teaching Assistants during our summer camps! Again, students can apply by submitting a letter of application.

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