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About Us

Aangikam Bhuvanamyasya Vaachikam Sarva Vaangmayam Aahaaaryam Chadrataaraadi Tam Numaha Saattvikam Shivam

(We bow to shiva whose body is the universe, whose speech is the universal languagae & whose ornaments are moon & stars)

Swastik Institute of Music & Dance is a Sydney based fine arts temple designed especially to introduce and promote Indian Classical Music and Dance.Although Swastik endeavours in bringing Classical music and dance like Kathak,Bhartnatyam,Odissi and Hindustani Music as an essential part of your life, we also specialise in choreographing and teaching Bollywood, Folk like Bhangra, Rajasthani, Marathi ,Gujrati and other major classical, semi-classical , modern and Regional Indian Music & dance forms.

At Swastik every student is treated equally and we practice our ancient


Guru Sisya Parampara traditions in our friendly and homely environment. So our students can continue to hand down this valuable knowledge, we at Swastik make it essential that every student gets an in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge for everything they're introduced to. It is Swastik's aim to produce quality Music and dance masters and to achieve this, we invite examiners from India to specially assess our students and making it possible to align with the quality and standards set by Our Gurus.

Being a fine arts temple, Swastik also emphasises the importance in balancing your body, mind and soul through Yoga and special meditation sessions. With an understanding of your body, its movements and the chakras you can start experiencing a healthy lifestyle, feel strong and look youthful every time.

You may be interested in a dance routine, be it to learn the choreography to impress a group of your friends, or to simply show your talent and expose your new moves at your next social gathering. We guarantee we make every routine unique, different and mostly enjoyable