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About Our Teachers

Supriya Roy

Supriya is the principal teacher at SEVA Yoga.Supriya is a practicing Yoga therapist, teacher and student. While born in India, her yoga journey has seen her living and teaching within the continents of Asia, Europe and Australasia giving her direct experiences of what Yoga means to the diverse bodies of our world. Having been raised in India the philosophy and practice became intrinsic elements of Supriya’s being. She has always had an interest in the study of self knowledge (Svadhyaya), which after 15 years of serving as a corporate professional she realised, for her it laid in the vast field of

Yoga. After directly experiencing the sustainable and holistic value of a committed yoga practice Supriya commenced her formal yoga training at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India. She continues her education in this lineage of Yoga Therapy under Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda. Over the last seven years she has had the privilege of studying and practicing under the guidance of Noah McKenna, Mrs Menaka Desikachar, Geeta Shankar, Dr. Nagaraja Rao, Kaustab Desikachar, Marc Holzman, Elena Brower, Simon Borg-Olivier, Bryan Kest and Noah Maze.

She currently follows the work of Dr. David Frawley, Zhander Remete, Vanda Scaravelli, Osho and Sri Ramana Maharshi.Supriya believes in the power of intention and it was through an intention of being of service to the community through yoga, she founded Seva Yoga. Since stepping onto the path of self knowledge, with the guidance of her teachers and community, it was a natural calling within Supriya to shift her life fully toward her true life purpose and passion. “It is my realisation that our greatest purpose is to be of service with compassion. Yoga has been a torch light on this path of realising my purpose. Service starts with the individual in order to offer it to others and this inner belief and realisation has inspired me to become a teacher. Teaching helps me raise awareness of this joyful way of being; being of service”.Currently Supriya teaches a variety of Hatha Yoga classes like Vinyasa and Restorative style classes that aim to detoxify and restore balance in both body and mind. Her teaching style is authentic, progressive and tailored to her student’s goals. She focuses on alignment, breath and movement to suit people from all walks of life. She believes that true Seva (service) starts with ourselves and encourages her students to be selfishly engrossed in their own body, mind and practice during her classes. Be sure to be inspired and motivated and reach serenity in your heart and mind in every class.