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About Our Teachers

Sumati (Director)

Kathak a classical dance form is a combination of the arts of the stage, music, poetry, color, rhythm, such a rich cultural tradition requires years of discipline, both mental and physical, hardwork and dedication.

Sumati born in a family where education is blended with music. She has the inborn talent of music and rhythm.Her advance training is imparted by Smt Dr. Jaswwinder Kaur who is a dance lecturer in Punjab University Chandigarh, India and is a student of Guru Rajendra Gangani and Shobha Koser. She has infused in her the poetic essence of the dance form. Sumati has done her Masters in Dance from Punjab University,Chandigarh and B.ED from Hindi Sahitya Samelan, Allahabad. She is a class Kathak exponent, a brilliant folk dancer. She has been teaching what she has learnt from her Guru with her own creation keeping the original intact. She has won various awards & scholarships for her performances in various Youth Festivals and competitions, as well as for choreographies and teaching from Red cross ,Asian club, SpicMacay, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Intel Teach to Future etc. Since her background in studies is from a Gurukul She has in-depth knowledge of Sanskrit and Hindi.

Her interest in Kathak also has build her knowledge on Indian classical dances in India. Having tarvelled to all over India like Orissa, Manipal, Pune, Patna and Mumbai etc she learnt different dance styles like Odissi, Kathak, Bollywood and different folk dances.from different teachers. Her experience in being the Head of Dance department in Delhi Public school,India and with the blessings of her Guru Smt .Dr Jaswinder Kaur

Sumati's pioneering contribution to the Indian art in Austalia began in 2007 when she established Swastik Institute of Music and Dance in Sydney. Sumatiís mission is to keep alive the most traditional dance form of her motherland. She is committed with her group to keep intact (what she has been taught & to add in this her creativity & experiments) by transferring this art to future generations of the society. She is truly and deeply involved with Indian Classical Dance and believes Kathak requires such deep involvement, that even a life time is not enough. Sumatiís wish is now to work on Guru-Shishya parampara in Aaustalia.